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Brand Design
With a thorough research of consumers, competitors, and category, our brand design services include the creation of a brand story, brand strategy, brand positioning, and brand identity for any organization. Establish a brand that is an accurate reflection of your genesis, values, and vision.
We Go Beyond Convention
Sustainable Solutions
As packaging designers, we are committed to achieving our vision of developing packaging with zero environmental impact. We are continuously evaluating existing designs, materials, processes, and life-cycles to identify improved ways of creating and managing packaging requirements for our clients.
The Team that Makes it Happen
“Every Packaging tells a story, we’ll help you craft yours”

Innovators, Designers, Artists, Engineers and Business Managers, Bizongo Design Square is a melting pot of talent, determined to do just one thing right: Packaging. Amidst chasing deadlines, tackling unique packaging problems and squeezing out some brilliant ideas now and then (check our portfolio page, we got receipts), we never miss an opportunity to grab a cup of chai under our beloved tapri to talk about the latest movies, our favorite books and ways to change the world.

Speaking of changing the world, we believe in getting our hands dirty and take a sustainable approach in every package that is designed by us. And all this while we take care of involving our client at every step of the engagement using our tech-enabled platform. So if you are in need of some problem-solvers for your product or packaging issues or if you simply share any of our interests, feel free to drop us an email!

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