Frequently Asked Questions

Is Artwork Flow really free?

Yes! Artwork Flow is free for teams to use up to 3 users for unlimited time. So what are you waiting for? Get the work started instantly. If you have a larger team or when your organisation expands, you can subscribe to our enterprise plan and get started on artwork collaborations.

My artwork files are confidential & private. Why should I trust Artwork Flow to keep my files safe?

Don’t worry, it’s all safe. We use a powerful cloud computing infrastructure supported by Amazon AWS S3, so you can be assured that all your information is stored on an extremely reliable and scalable platform. Since Artwork Flow is a Cloud-based SaaS offering, everything can be accessed online. We don’t need to have any manual intervention such as an in-house IT Team to overlook any hardware, reducing the chances of data risk.

What file formats are supported by Artwork Flow?

Artwork Flow supports artwork files in pdf formats. If you have files in AI or CDR file format, then simply export it to PDF format to upload.

Can Artwork Flow be used as a Packaging Asset Library?

Good question! Artwork Flow can be used as a Packaging Asset Management (PAM) Library. It’ll be a digital packaging asset repository for storing all your packaging-related artwork files.

Can I share artwork files from Artwork Flow?

Yes! Simply click the Share icon in the Packaging Asset Management Library and send it to your team who will receive an email with a link to the files.

Does Artwork Flow allow integration of an external Premedia Agency?

Great question! Artwork Flow does allow you to onboard an external Premedia or Creative Agency.

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